A scorpion is a small animal with a long and narrow tall that has a poisonous sting at the tip of it.    Scorpions are not insects.  They are related to spiders.

They live mostly in the warm, dry parts of the world and range in size from yellowish-colored half-inch creatures to shiny black scorpions seven inches long.

The scorpion is armed with powerful pincers, like the claws of a crab.  When the scorpion walks, it carries its tall arched over its back so that the sharp sting is in position to strike.

When the scorpion is ready to kill, it seizes its prey in its pincers and plunges its stinger into the creature it is holding.  The poison will kill the spiders and other small creatures on which the scorpion feeds.

Only the sting of certain kinds of scorpions, is dangerous to main.  Oddly enough, the scorpion is unharmed by its own poison but two scorpions are likely to sting each other to death. – Dick Rogers