Bald Eagle

The American bald eagle is a large, majestic bird, often pictured on coins, flags, and other devices.  It is the national emblem of the United States.  Despite its name, the bald eagle is not bald.

The adult bird’s head, neck and tail are covered with white feathers.  Its body feathers are dark brown.

One popular idea of how the bald eagle got its name is that the eagle’s snowy white head makes it look bald when seen at a distance.

Perhaps the correct explanation is that the bald eagle was named at a time when the word “bald”  meant “white”.  When the American colonists saw this bird for the first time, they called it “baldheaded.”  By this they meant that it had a white head.

The bald eagle isn’t the only eagle found in the limited states.  There is also the golden eagle, so called because the feathers on its head and neck are golden brown.  – Dick Rogers