Most of us think of fleas as small, annoying creatures that live on cats and dogs and cause pets to be constantly scratching.

A flea is a small insect that gets its food by sucking the blood of other animals.  Fleas have no wings, but their long, strong, hind legs make them wonderful jumpers.

In fact the common flea is the best jumper of all creatures in relation to its size.  Some can long jump as far as 13 inches and high jump over a tall building, or across a wide street.

Fleas are troublesome pests.  They puncture the skin with their sharp beaks to get blood.  The bite of a flea can cause some discomfort.  Fleas can carry serious diseases, too.

Fleas have hitchhikers, too.  Tiny insects called mites are known to live on fleas and suck their blood! – Dick Rogers