A hyena is a large wild, doglike animal that lives in Africa and Asia.

Hyenas known as spotted hyenas are sometimes called “laughing hyenas” because they make sounds that resemble hysterical human laughter.


But the hyena is not really laughing.  The laughing hyena usually makes it weird, laughing howl only when it is frightened or excited.

Hyena have the reputation of being cowardly animals because they prefer to eat meat already killed by other animals.

They often follow lions and eat the leftovers of the larger animals’ meals.  They even eat the leftover bones, crushing them with their strong teeth and powerful jaws.

Hyenas are not particular about what they eat.  They are mostly scavengers and will eat any “garbage”  they happen upon.

For this reason, they are useful as animal “garbage collectors”  and help keep the ground. – Dick Rogers