You may heard the expression “eat like a pig” to describe someone who overeats.  Pits have the reputation of being very dirty and greedy animals.

It is true that pigs are not fussy about how they eat.  But they are not greedy.

Pigs eat the kind of food that makes them fat, but they seldom eat more than they need at the time.—as some humans do.

People who see pigs wallowing in the mud often consider them dirty and stupid.  A farmer knows better.

The pig’s  thick skin has no sweat glands to serve as a cooling system.

Pigs wallow in the mud only because it helps them keep cool, and to protect themselves from insects.

Pigs are not naturally dirty creatures and will keep themselves as clean as most other farm animals.

If the pigpen is filthy it is usually because the owner of the pigs does not clean the pen often enough. – Dick Rogers