There are many wrong ideas about cats.  One is that cat always lands on its feet.

Contrary to this popular idea, cants do sometimes fall to land safely on all four feet.  But generally, a can manages to twist in midair and land on its feet if it falls or is dropped.

The cat is actually a talented acrobat, its body is long and flexible, with powerful muscles.

Its muscular control, aided by a keen balancing sense, enables the can to make high, graceful leaps and land safely.

A cat can move so quickly that people like to think it has nine lives.  The quickness of the cat’s instincts and its lithe, agile body enable it to get out of dangerous situation better than most other animals.

The cat’s athletic skills ideally suit it as a hunter.  It can stand up on its prey silently on padded toes.  Then it crouches down.  Its tail swings back and forth.  Its muscles tense.  Then…it pounces in a flash!  – Dick Rogers