A skunk is a small creature famous for its unpleasant odor.  It is about the size of a can and has distinctive black and white markings.

Skunks can’t run fast, but they can protect themselves from their enemies by spraying a smelly liquid, which the skunk stores in special scent glands near its tail.  When frightened, the skunk can squirt a fine spray as far as 10 feet.


But the skunk doesn’t “strike” without warning.  It turns its back to the intruder, raises its busy tail, and stamps its feet, so you have plenty of time to get away.

If this fair warning is not heeded, the skunk will use its last means of protection, the evil-smelling spray.

The spray is so strong that it is hard to breathe when you are near it.

Skunks themselves are friendly little animals, and make playful pets when their accept glands are removed.

Aside from an occasional raid on the chicken roast, skunks are really helpful to man since they eat insects, rats, mice and other rodents that damage farm crops. – Dick Rogers