Baby frogs are called tadpoles or polliwogs.  When spring comes, a mother frog lays a mass of jellylike eggs and attaches them to a plant on the edge of a quiet pond.

The little tadpoles hatch and begin life in the pond.  They breathe through tiny gills, as fish do, and have long, swimming tails, but no legs.

In fact, they look more like fishes than frogs.  As the tadpole grows, it begins to grow legs.  First two, hind legs and then two front hind legs and then two front legs appear.

Its tail becomes shorter, its lungs grow larger and its gills become smaller and finally disappear.

A tongue grows in its mouth.  The tadpole is now ready to eat insects instead of plants.  At last it is ready to hp on land.  From now on it must have air to breathe.

Some tadpoles make the change into frogs in a few months.  The tadpole for a bullfrog may take two years to grow up. – Dick Rogers