Peccary (pronounced PECK a ree) is a wild animal that looks very much like a small, tailless pig covered with thick, bristly hair and it has a piglike snout.

Peccaries live chiefly in the forests of South America and can be found as far north as southern rooting in the ground for much of their food and eating roots, fruits and worms, as well as insects and poisonous snakes.


Peccaries avoid people if left alone.  If cornered, they can fiercely defend themselves with their sharp teeth.  With their keen ears and noses they are difficult for the hunter to find.

When disturbed, peccaries give a barklike alarm call and make a rattling sound by chattering their teeth.

Peccaries can give off a strong, evil-smelling, musky odor when excited.  For this reason, they are sometimes called “musk hogs.”

Peccaries are also known by such other names as “wild hogs” or “javelinas” (HAH vuh LEE nah).  Peccaries raised in captivity make gentle and interesting pets. – Dick Rogers