The kangaroo rat is a little burrowing rodent that jumps about like a tiny kangaroo on long, powerful hind legs.

The kangaroo rat is a harmless little burrowing animal that lives in the deserts of the Southwestern united States.

Through it is neither a kangaroo nor a rat, this small tan-and-cream rodent shares certain of their features.  It can leap about on its powerful hind legs like a tiny kangaroo, and is capable of jumping six feet into the air.

Kangaroo Rat

A kangaroo rat may be about 7 inches long, plus an equal-length tall which ends in a furry tuft.

The kangaroo rat spends the hot daylight hours in its cool burrow, emerging only at night to feed on seeds and other plant food.

It uses its tiny front legs to stuff food into fur-lined pouches in its checks, to be carried to its burrow and stored against lean time.

Unconcerned by the lack of water, the creature does not need to drink.  Most of the moisture it needs is produced within its body from the seeds it eats.  – Dick Rogers