Birth of a Butterfly

Every butterfly goes through four stages in its life.  These four stages are eggs, larva, pupa and adult.

The story of the butterfly begins when the female lays her eggs on a plant that the young insects will use as food.

From each eggs hatches a tiny larva called a caterpillar.  It is hard to believe that this wormlike creature will turn into a graceful butterfly.

The caterpillar is always hungry, and spends most of its life eating and growing.  It grows to fast that it outgrows and sheds its skin several times.  When the caterpillar has reached its full growth, it is ready to turn into a pupa.

The caterpillar spins a button of silk on a twig or leaf and hooks itself to the button.  Hanging head down, it sheds its old caterpillar skin.  Not it is a pupa.  The pupa’s soft skin hardens to form a case called a chrysalis.

Protected by the chrysalis, the pupa changes into a butterfly.

After about two or more weeks, the chrysalis spills open and the adult butterfly emerges its limp, moist wings spread and dry.  Then it flies away.