In zoology, periwinkles are sea snails.  They are usually found living along rocky Atlantic seacoasts.

In zoology, “periwinkle” is the name for several kinds of small sea snails.

The best known is the common European periwinkle.  This little, drab-colored snail is easy to recognize by its thick, spiral shell with its sharp peak.

Periwinkles are a common sight along the rocky shores or New England and are usually found in great numbers clinging to wave washed rocks between high and low tide marks.

The periwinkle grows to be only about an inch long, but its tongue is several inches long and is equipped with hundreds of tiny “teeth” for scraping off tiny green plants called algae.

Despite their small size these very tiny snails are popular delicacy in Europe.  At one time they were an important source of food.

Women and children once made their livelihood by collecting thousands of these little animals from the rocky coasts of the British Isles.  – Dick Rogers