Singing Bird

Usually, the male bird sings to attract a mate and to warn other male birds away from its nesting territory.

People who know about birds tell us that birds sing as a way of communicating with other birds.

Birds do most of their singing during the mating and nesting season.  Male birds do almost all of the singing.

Usually, the mate bird sings to warn other male birds to say away from his nesting territory.  The same song may be used in courtship to attract the attention of the female bird.

Sometimes birds seem to sing just for the joy of making music.  Each kind of singing bird has its own song.

Thrushes and song sparrows are among the best singers, and many other birds also have beautiful songs.  Not all birds sing well.  Crows, loons, and blue jays, for examples, have unpleasant voices.

Birds often make sounds other than singing.  A mother hen chicks keep her chicks from scattering.  She gives another call that warns them of danger.  – Dick Rogers