The owl’s big staring eyes and thoughtful appearance have given it for reputation for wisdom but it is really no smarter than many other birds.

Owls are said to be very wise.  This old belief is probably due to the Owl’s appearance – and not because it is wiser than other animals.

The owl’s large, staring eyes and thoughtful air give the appearance that it is thinking very hard.  Actually, the “wise old owl” is really no smarter than many other birds.  Geese, crows and ravens are all smarter than the owl.

You can recognize an owl almost at once by its large, broad face with a ruff of feather around the big eyes that look straight out as a human being’s does.

The owl is more often heard than seen.  Most sleep by day and drift like shadows at night over meadows and woods, hunting for mice and other small prey.

The hooting call of the hoot owl is so well-known that most people believe that all owls hoot.

Not so!  Some kinds of owls have a shrill screech.  Others make whistling, wailing and rasping calls. – Dick Rogers