King of the Beast

Its terrifying roar and kingly appearance have helped earn the lion its nickname “King of Beast.”

The lion is often called the “king of beasts.”

Probably this is not because the lion could defeat all other animals in combat, nor because it is the biggest animal.

But throughout history, the lion has been thought of as the symbol of strength because it ranks among the fiercest and strongest of all wild creatures.

Its ferocity and the roar of its voice strikes terror in the hearts of both men and animal alike.

The long mane of the male gives the lion a proud and kingly appearance.

Lions live on the plains of Africa.  Newborn lion cubs are about the size of a large house cat.

When fully grown, the male lion may measure more than 9 feel long from his nose to the tip of his tail.  And weight more than 400 pounds.

One would expect lions to be fearless in hunting, yet they sometimes wait in ambush for prey to come close, the attack with a sudden pounces.

In circuses, these lordly animal attract much attention.  Sometimes a lion trainer will even put his head in a lion’s mouth. – Dick Rogers