The itchy welt you welt you get from a mosquito bite is caused from the saliva the mosquito injects into the skin.  The saliva keeps the blood from clotting so that the mosquito can easily sip your blood.

Most of us are allergic to the mosquito saliva, and the itchy welth that forms on the skin is very irritating.

Only the female mosquito “bites.”  The male mosquito feeds only on plants juices.  The female mosquito does not really bite.

To the eye, her needlelike beak looks like a think tube.  Actually, it holds daggers with saw-like tips.

Mosquito Bite

As soon as she settles on your skin, she starts sawing.  Into the tiny hole she injects the saliva that helps her to sip the blood.

If you swat her before she can suck back the irritating saliva, your itching will be worse.

Next to its bite, the hum of a mosquito is probably most annoying – especially when we are trying to sleep.  The hum of a mosquito is the sound of its wings beating rapidly as it flies.

The humming “song” helps the female mosquito attract a male mosquito. – Dick Rogers