The phoenix was the fabled Egyptian bird that destroyed itself in fire and rose again from its own ashes.

The phoenix (pronounced FEE-niks) was a fable bird connected with the worship of the sun in ancient Egypt.

According to ancient stores, the phoenix lived in the Arabian desert.  It was as large as an eagle, with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a musical cry.

There was never more than one phoenix in the world at a time.  Each phoenix lived 5000 years or longer.

Then, feeling its end near at hand, it made itself a nest of herbs and spices, set the nest on fire and was consumed in the flames.


From the ashes a new phoenix was said to arise, fresh and beautiful.

The people of long ago used the stories of the phoenix to help explain immortality and why the sun seems to die in its flames each evening and emerge anew each morning.

They had no books in which to search for answers, so they made up stories to explain the world as they saw it. – Dick Rogers