The impala is a swift, golden-brown antelope that is famous for its high, graceful leaps.

A three-foot-tail impala can leap a feet high and sometimes cover as far as 35 feet in one jump while running.

Often, the impala seems to jump for the fun of it.  when running, it holds its head up high like a deer.


Herds of as many as 100 impalas may be found living on the grassy plains of Africa.

They are plant-eating animals and must be prepared to eat their food quickly and run, for impalas are a favorite food of lions.

The long, black lyre-shaped horns of the buck (the female has no horns)  are a good means of  defense, but impalas rely on their keen sight and swifts, bounding leaps to escape enemies.

Not even the swiftest lion can always catch an impala.

Later, in safety, the impalas chew balls (or cuds) of food they swallowed earlier while grazing.  – Dick Rogers