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What is a prairie dog?

Prairie Dog

The prairie dog is not a dog.  It is a member of the ground-squirrel family.

This foot-long squirrel is usually called a prairie dog because it has a shrill bark much like that of a dog.

Prairie dogs live on the prairies of the western part of North America from Canada to Mexico.

A prairie dog builds it home by digging a tunnel which goes almost straight down for a dozen feet or more.  At the bottom of the tunnel it hollows out several rooms for sleeping and for storing food.  At the entrance, for sleeping and for storing food.  At the entrance, the prairie dog make a mound of earth to keep out rain water.Bu

Prairie dogs live in colonies, often called “town.”   Hundreds of families may live in these towns.  The prairie dog stands guard at the entrance to its burrow.  If an enemy approaches, it barks of their homes.  Prairie dogs feed on grass and other vegetation on the dry prairie when they live. – Dick Rogers

What is a groundhog?


A groundhog is a funny rodent that burrows in the ground. Its stock body may be two feet long.

Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, make their homes in many parts of North America.

All summer the groundhog nibbles grass, roots, and leaves. Bu October, the groundhog is so fast it can hardly walk. When winter comes, it curls up in the burrow and falls into a deep sleep. The stored fat keeps it alive during its sleep.

Some people have a superstition that the groundhog can tell what the weather will be. On the second day of February, it is supposed to wake from its long sleep and stick its head out of its burrow.

If it sees its shadow, it will be frightened and crawl back into its hole. This is supposed to mean that there will be six more weeks of winter.

But if the sun is not shining it will stay out of its burrow and spring will come soon! – Dick Rogers