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Does the turtle have a voice?

The turtle doesn’t have a voice in the way we usually think of a voice.  but many turtles, such as the giant land turtle, can hiss, crunt and even roar loudly.

Turtles are animals that are easy to recognized by their shells.

If you own a pet turtle, you have probably noticed that the turtle never seems to “talk”.  You may wonder if it has a voice at all.


In the way we usually think of a voice, the answer is “no”, as far as most turtles are concerned.

Turtles seldom emit sounds, except during the nesting season.  Even then many can do little more that make a feeble piping sound or grunting to loud roaring, which can be heard for a quarter of a mile.

Some turtles hiss loudly when they are alarmed.

A few sea turtles can five a loud cry of anger or a “plea for mercy”  when captured by an enemy.

Most turtles apparently have good eyes sight and a good sense of smell and taste.  However, turtles do not hear well.  Some kinds may be deaf. – Dick Rogers

What is a Jaguar?


The jaguar is a large, fierce cat related to lions and tigers.

With its yellow coat marked with many dark spots, the jaguar looks very much like the leopard of Asia and Africa, but the jaguar is heavier.

Jaguars live in the jungles of Central America and South America.  The jaguar can also be found in Mexico, where it is known as “el tigre” (the tiger).

A male jaguar may grow to be nearly 8 feet long including its 2 ½ foot tall and may weigh up to 300 pounds.

It is powerful and fast enough to capture such animals as wild pigs, cattle and alligators.  It is capable of attacking a man—if it is hungry enough.

The jaguar is a good trees climber and likes to lie on tree branches and leap upon its prey. It is also an expert at catching turtles and fish, which it scoops out of the water with its paw. The jaguar’s loud, deep roar is like that of the lion and the tiger. – Dick Rogers