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What are sardines?


Sardines are the small fish we often see prepared as food packed tightly in small flat cans.  These small fish belong to the herring fish family.  When full-grown, sardines may be 10 or more inches long and are called herring, pilchards, sprats and other names.  They are caught while they are still very small.

You sardines travel together in large groups called “schools.”  Fishermen catch them in long nets, which are drawn in a circle around a large school that may contain many, many small sardines.  At the sardine cannery, the fish are cleaned and dipped in salt brine and dried.

Finally, they are cooked in boiling oil and packed tightly into the familiar flat sardine cans and soaked in olive oil to keep them moist.  Many of the sardines caught are not canned at all, but made into fertilizer or feed for poultry.

And some are made into oil used to make soaps and paints.  Sardines get their name from the fact that these small fish were first caught in large numbers of the island of Sardinia, near Italy. – Dick Rogers

Which is the largest shark?

The largest known living shark is the whale shark which is often more than 50 feet long and weights several tons.  It is also the biggest of all fishes.

(The whale, which is larger and resembles a fish, is not a fish but a mammal.)


Whale sharks can easily be recognized by the lines of pale spots on a grayish body, as well as by their huge size.

Curiously enough, this biggest shark of all is completely harmless to man.  Though it has jaws wide enough to swallow a man, the whale shark lives peacefully in the warm sea, eating seaweed and small fish.

Sharks have the reputation for being among the most dangerous of sea creatures.

There are many kinds of sharks, and while some are quite fierce, the surprising thing is that most kinds of sharks are quite harmless.

The great white shark is sometimes called the most dangerous of sharks.  It may grow to be 35 feet long and will have no hesitation about making a meal of a swimmer. – Dick Rogers

What is remora?


Remora are small fish that live in all tropical seas.  Sometimes called shark suckers, these remarkable fish are known as the “hitchhikers” of the sea, for they attach themselves to larger fish for transportation about the ocean.

The remora has an odd sucking disc on the top of its head that looks like the sole of a rubber shoe, with which the remora attaches itself to whales, sea turtles, sharks and large fish.

When the bigger fish feeds, the remora eats the bits of food that falls from its host’s mouth.  Sometimes several remoras will hitch a ride on the same fish.

If the remora has hitchhiked into the area of a school of small fish, it detaches  itself and swims after its own food.

After it has eaten its fill, the remora looks for another large fish to hitch a ride to its next meal.

In some parts of the tropics fishermen use the remoras in fishing.  The fisherman fastens a line to the remora’s fall and allows it to swim about.  When a large fish swims near, the remora promptly attaches itself to the larger fish.  Then both can be pulled in. – Dick Rogers