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How do hummingbirds hum?

Usually, the only sound of a hummingbird is the whirring or humming sound it makes with its rapidly beating wings.

A hummingbird flaps its wings nearly 60 times in the time it takes you to blink your eyes.  The wings move so fast that only a misty outline can be seen.  They make the air vibrate, and we hear a humming sound.

The delicate and brightly colored hummingbird usually measures less than four inches from bill to tail and weights about as much as a copper penny.

Humming Bird

No other bird can fly in so many ways as the hummingbird.  It can quickly dart up, down, backward, forward or it can hover nearly motionless in the air like a helicopter.

The active little bird must eat every 10 to 15 minutes it is awake to maintain its tiring pace.

It flits from flower to flower and hovers above each blossom.  It sips the sweet nectar through its long, tube-shaped tongue and picks up any small insect that it may find in the flower.

Most, but not all hummingbirds are tiny.  The largest is the giant hummer.  It grows nearly 9 inches long. – Dick Rogers

What are termites?


Termites are small antlike insects that feed on wood.  Like ants, termites live in large colonies, in which there is a king and queen, many workers that build and tend the most and search for food and soldier termites that guard the next from insect enemies.

Termite nests are hidden in wood or in the ground.

Termites will eat nearly everything made of wood, including paper.  Those are live in the forests serve a useful function by cleaning away dead wood.  But when they attack our houses and belongings, that is a different story.

Oddly enough, the termite cannot digest the wood it oats.  The stomachs of termite workers are filled with little one-called creatures called protozoans.

The termite chews the wood and swallows the tiny chips.  The protozoans feed on the cellulose in the wood and convert it into foods that both the protozoans and the termite live on. – Dick Rogers


How far a flea jump?


Most of us think of fleas as small, annoying creatures that live on cats and dogs and cause pets to be constantly scratching.

A flea is a small insect that gets its food by sucking the blood of other animals.  Fleas have no wings, but their long, strong, hind legs make them wonderful jumpers.

In fact the common flea is the best jumper of all creatures in relation to its size.  Some can long jump as far as 13 inches and high jump over a tall building, or across a wide street.

Fleas are troublesome pests.  They puncture the skin with their sharp beaks to get blood.  The bite of a flea can cause some discomfort.  Fleas can carry serious diseases, too.

Fleas have hitchhikers, too.  Tiny insects called mites are known to live on fleas and suck their blood! – Dick Rogers