With the help of its strong hind legs, a kangaroo can leap 30 feet or more.

If you want to see a live kangaroo, the place to go is to the zoo for the “Land of the kangaroo” is the far-off country of Australia.


There are many kinds of kangaroos.  The smallest, called wallabies may be as small as a rabbit.  The biggest, called the “great” kangaroos, may grow 8 feet tall and weight nearly 200 pounds.

Most kangaroos have two short front paws in place of hands, and very long hind legs.  When they want to go anywhere in a hurry they leap and bound.  When moving at a slow pace, they move along in short hops.

The great kangaroo may travel at speeds of 30 miles an hour, and take jumps as long as 30 feet at a time.  The kangaroo uses its big, long tail to balance itself when jumping and to help push it along, as well as for a seat when it is resting.

Baby kangaroos are called “joeys.”  The baby rides inside its mother’s pouch until it is able to hop about by itself.  When frightened, the baby kangaroo quickly hops back into the mother’s pouch safety. – Dick Rogers