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Why do pigs wallow in mud?

Pigs wallow in mud because it feels good to them.  Pigs have no sweat glands in their thick skin to serve as a cooling system. Wallowing in mud helps pigs to keep cool on a hot day.  The coating of mud also adds a protective layer against the sun and helps keep off biting insects.

Pigs have a reputation of being dirty and stupid because they wallow in mud. But they keep themselves cleaner than most other farm animals.  Pigs have been shown to be the most intelligent of all hoofed animals.  They can be taught to perform tricks and can even become pets.–Dick Rogers

What is an aardvark?


The aardvark is an African animal that feeds on ants and termites.

The aardvark is one of Africa’s strangest creatures.   Its strange name comes from the old Dutch words meaning “earth pig.”  In some ways “earth Pig” is a good name, for its body is shaped much like a pig’s, and it spends most of the day curled up in its cool underground den.

But the aardvark is not like a pig in any other way.  An aardvark’s front feet are provided with powerful claws, which it uses to open termite and ant nests.

Then it pushes out its long tongue, which is like a flat, sticky worm more than a foot long.  It licks up the ants it  uncovers.  The ants stick to the aardvark’s sticky tongue as if it were flypaper, and the aardvark slurps the ants into its mouth.

Then it pokes its long tongue down into the winding tunnels to find more ants to eat.  It may eat many thousands of ants in one meal.

While it is eating, the aardvark’s thick, leathery skin protects it from the angry bites of the ants.

Although they look clumsy, aardvarks are not easy to catch, for in a few minutes they can dig a hole deep enough to escape from enemies. – Dick Rogers

Why are pigs so greedy?


You may heard the expression “eat like a pig” to describe someone who overeats.  Pits have the reputation of being very dirty and greedy animals.

It is true that pigs are not fussy about how they eat.  But they are not greedy.

Pigs eat the kind of food that makes them fat, but they seldom eat more than they need at the time.—as some humans do.

People who see pigs wallowing in the mud often consider them dirty and stupid.  A farmer knows better.

The pig’s  thick skin has no sweat glands to serve as a cooling system.

Pigs wallow in the mud only because it helps them keep cool, and to protect themselves from insects.

Pigs are not naturally dirty creatures and will keep themselves as clean as most other farm animals.

If the pigpen is filthy it is usually because the owner of the pigs does not clean the pen often enough. – Dick Rogers

What was a saber-toothed tiger?


In the old Stone Age, there lived a bit cat, more ferocious in appearance than any known today.  This was the saber-toothed tiger.  It was not really a tiger.

But it resembled a tiger and had two long teeth curved like swords called sabers—which accounts for its name of “saber-toothed tiger.”

Sometimes its teeth were as long as 8 inches and could easily slash the thick skins of the large mammoths upon which it preyed.  Perhaps where you live today, saber-toothed tigers stalked their prey long ago.

They prowled most parts of the world and found plenty to eat in North America.  The last of them died out thousands of years ago.

Some people think they became extinct because their teeth grew so long that they could no longer open their mouths wide enough to eat.  But it is more likely that they died out when the big animals upon which they depended for food became scarce. – Dick Rogers