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Do elephants really have good memories?


The theory that elephants have good memories has been greatly exaggerated.  The elephant does remember many things, but its memory is not better than many other animals.  Well-trained elephants can learn and remember about 30 spoken orders.

A trained elephant obeys an order, even if it has not heard the command for a while.  But it is common for a circus elephant to slip up due to slight lapse of memory.  Like people, elephants remember those who have been good to them, and those who have treated them badly.Dick Rogers

How did the bloodhound get its name?



Despite the bloodhound’s name, it is not vicious and has no special fondness for blood.  This big, saggy-skinned dog is so-named because it is a blooded (pedigreed) hound.  Its lineage dates back to very early records in Europe.  The bloodhound has the best sense of smell of all dogs.

Originally bred for tracking game by sent, this will-mannered dog is now used mostly to track fugitives or lost persons.  A bloodhound can track down a person who is lost in the woods by sniffing something that belongs to that person and picking up his/her trail.–Dick Rogers

How many eyelids does a camel have?


A camel’s large, dark eyes are protected by three eyelids.  The two outer eyelids have long, thick eyelashes that protect the eyes from swirling sand.  A thin inner eyelid winks over the eyeball and wipes off any dust that may get in.  thick eyebrows shade the eyes from the glare of the desert sun.

The camel’s nostrils are slanting slits that can be closed tightly, serving as additional protection against the blowing sand.  The camel’s ears are covered with hair, even on the inside.  The hair helps to keep out sand or dust that might blow into the camel’s ears.–Dick Rogers