An electric eel gives off electricity from special battery-like organs inside its body.

The electric eel that lives in the rivers of South America has a very unusual weapon.  It can turn on a powerful electric current at will.  It make its electricity with special electric organs inside its body.

These electric batteries are powerful enough to light a neon sign and strong enough to knock out an animal as large as a horse!

An enemy first that swims too near may receive a paralyzing shock from these living electric batteries.

The electric eel uses its shocking organs to stun small fishes and frogs it eats, as well as to defend itself.  The electric ray, or torpedo found in warm seas is another well-known electric fish.

Electric Eel

The batteries of the electric ray are on the sides of the fish’s head.  They are much like the batteries of the electric eel.

The electric catfish, which grows to be about three feet long, is found in the river of Africa.

Its electric power is used up after a number of short shocks.  Then it must eat and rest before it can shock again. – Dick Rogers