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What are a deer’s antlers used for?

Deer Antler

Deer have several uses for their antlers.  During the mating season, a buck or bull deer uses his big antlers as a weapon to fight other males for leadership of the herd and to win mates.

Any predator (such as a wolf) that dares to attack a deer is also likely to be hurt by the sharp antlers.

Nearly all male deer have antlers. Female caribou and reindeer (cows) are the only female deer that grow antlers.  During the long winter, when food is scarce, cows often use their antlers to push other cows away from the best feeding spots.–Dick Rogers

What are deer antlers made of?

Deer Antler

Deer are the only animals with antlers.  Antlers are solid bone growing from the foreheads of male deer and both male and female reindeer.  The male deer (“buck”) uses his antlers in mating season to fight other bucks, and sheds his antlers seasonally.

When new, antlers are soft and tender, and covered with furry skin called velvet.  The antlers quickly turn bony and hard and the velvet rubs off.  A young male’s first antlers look like straight spikes.  Older males have antlers with many braches, called points. – Dick Rogers

How did the moose get its name?


The moose is the largest deer in the world.  Its name comes from an American Indian word which literally means “eats off,” from the animal’s habit of stripping bark and branches off trees.

A moose is a creature of the forested parts of northern North America and Europe.  If feeds chiefly on the leaves, twigs and bark of trees.  Travelers in the northern forests occasionally see a moose standing by the roadside.

Moose are easy to identify by  their long, knobby legs and high shoulders that look like a hump.  A hairy fold of skin hangs under the throat of the bull (male).  The largest moose live in Alaska.

A fully grown Alaskan bull moose may stand 7 feet at the shoulders, weigh 1,500 pounds or more and carry a six-foot span of antlers (horns), but he can move through the dense forest silently.

Outside of America, these animals are called elk.  But the American elk is different.  Its correct name if “wapiti”. – Dick Rogers