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How do baleen whales eat?

Baleen Whale

Not all whales have big teeth, or throats large enough to swallow a man.  Whales known as “baleen” whales have throats that are so small that they can only feed on tiny sea organisms called “krill.”  In the place of teeth, these great whales have long, stringy plates in their mouths called “baleen.”

When feeding, the whale opens its huge mouth and swims into a mass of krill.  It then closes its mouth and forces the water out through the stringy baleen.  The baleen acts like a big strainer, letting the water out but tripping the food, which the whale swallows. – Dick Rogers

What are mandrills?

The mandrill is a large, colorful baboon that lives in the dense forests of western Africa.

This odd-looking monkey has a long, doglike face, big teeth, and a short, stumpy tail.  Its long nose is red with orange whiskers, its cheeks are blue, and its sitting


pads are colored red and blue.

A full –grown mandrill is about the size of a large dog.

Mandrills travel in bands called “troops.”

Unlike most monkeys, they are poor climbers and have learned to live on the ground.

The males stand guard and watch out for danger.  They are fierce fighters.  If a leopard tries to attack a member of the troop, all the male mandrills will attack the leopard together.

Mandrills are fast runners.  When they run they move in a sideways gallop.

They feed on plants, and small animals.  Wherever they get a chance, they will also steal farm crops and fruit from orchards.  – Dick Rogers