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How did the box turtle get its name?

Box Turtle

                    Box Turtle

The box turtle (a North American land turtle) was so named because it has a hinged bottom shell that allows the shell to be closed into a tight box.  If something frightens the turtle, it pulls its head, legs and tail into the shell and clamps the hinge shut.

This way, very few enemies can get at it.  Box turtles are fond of wild strawberries.  Sometimes they eat so much that they can’t fit all the way back into their shells to avoid enemies.  Box turtles also stuff themselves with mushrooms, insects, earthworms, and almost any other food they can find.–Dick Rogers

How does a turtle get into its shell?


Everyone knows a turtle when he sees one.  Turtles are easy to recognize by their shells.  A baby turtle is born with a shell just the right size for its body.  As the turtle grows, its shell grows too.

The hard shells of most turtles are made up of a “bony box”  covered by horny plates.  A turtle can’t crawl out of its shell.  The shell makes up much of a turtle’s skeleton, and is firmly attached to its body.  Turtles are well-protected by their shells.  Some turtles, such as the box turtle, can pull their heads, tails, and legs into their shell when frightened.  Then, very few enemies can get at them.

All turtles hatch from eggs.  The mother turtle lays the eggs in a hole she has dug.  She then leaves them.  The sun’s warmth hatches the eggs in about two months.  As soon as the baby turtles are hatched, they are on their own.  They must be able to tend for themselves. – Dick Rogers