A tarsier (pronounced Tahr sih er) is a small, brown and gray creature that lives in the forests of such faraway lands as the East Indies and the Philippines.  Tarsiers are related to monkeys and lemurs.


This little mammal is about the size of a rate when fully grown.  It has big ears and large, owl-like eyes that seem to occupy most of its round face.

Its long hind legs remind you of frog’s legs, and ends of its fingers and toes have round, suction-cup tips, which help it cling to the branches in its tree home.

The enormous eyes help the tarsier see at night as it hops through the trees searching for insects to eat.  The long, thin tail, which is bare except for a tuff of fur at the end, is used for balance when climbing and leaping.

The tarsier’s eyes do not move in their sockets as human eyes do, but it can turn its head through a half-circle, like an owl, to look backward over its shoulder. – Dick Rogers