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Why do we say that a cat has nine lives?

The expression that a cat has nine lives originated in ancient Egypt.  There, cats were worshiped as gods and often embalmed and richly buried when they died.  Because the major gods of Egypt formed a trinity, three was a sacred number.

Since the multiplication of three by three is nine, crediting the cat with nine lives was the highest honor the Egyptians could bestow on the animal.  Because the cat’s swiftness and agility help it to escape with its life from many situations, the saying that cats have nine lives has endured.–Dick Rogers

Why do cats retract their claws?

Cats retract their claws in order to keep them sharp for catching mice and other prey.  A cat has a special movable joint at the end of its toes that enables the claws to move in and out.  The claws move out when they are needed.  When not in use, the cat conceals its claws in little sheaths on its toes and walks softly on the pads of its feet.  Claws that can be pulled back so that the sharp points are protected are called retractile claws.  Cats sharpen their claws by raking them on furniture and free trunks to remove any ragged edged on the claws.–Dick Rogers

Why do cats eyes shines at night?

Cat Eyes Shining

Most of us have seen a cat’s eyes glowing beside the road at night.  The glow is simply a reflection of a car’s headlight.  The back of a cat’s eye is lined with a special mirror-like material called “tapetum.”  This shiny layer helps the cat to see in dim light by catching even the faintest gleam of light and concentrating it on the retina.

It also reflects the light of a car’s headlights and causes the cat’s eyes to glow brightly.  The cat’s special kind of eyesight allows it to do most of its hunting at night.  A cat cannot see in complete darkness any more than we are.  – Dick Rogers

How does a cat purr?

Cats often purr when they are happy and contented.  In a cat’s voice box, or larynx, are two sets of vocal cords.  One set of cords is above the other and each set produces different sounds.

The lower are the true vocal cords. The cat uses the true cords to produce the “meow” and the other ordinary sounds it makes.  Above these are membranes called the “false” cords.

When a cat is happy, it allows the upper cords to vibrate as the air passes in and out of its lungs.  The vibrating membranes produce a soft fluttering sound which is called purring. – Dick Rogers

How can a cat see in the dark?

Cats can see better in dim light than we can because the pupils of their eyes can open much wider and receive more light than our eyes can.

You may have heard that cats can see in the dark because they have special kinds of eyes.

It is true that cats can see much better than we do in dim light.  But cats cannot really see in total darkness.


In bright sunlight, the pupils of cat ’s eyes become narrow slits that shut out much of the glare.  At night, they widen to great circles, almost as large as the entire eye to let all the light there is.

Inside a cat’s eye is a special mirror like material that helps make the eye extra-sensitive to light by collecting the dim rays of light and reflecting them back to the retina, where the act of seeing begins.

When you see a cat’s  eyes glowing beside the road at night, it is because the mirror like material is reflecting the light from your flashlight or the headlights of a car.

Many animals active at night such as deer and owls, are able to see well in dim light for the same reasons cats can.   – Dick Rogers


What Kind Of Cat Is A Manx?


Manx cats are the only cats born without tails.  They run with a hopping, rabbit like gait, because of their long hind legs.

Have you ever seen a cat running with no tail and a sort of hopping like a rabbit?   Such a cat is the Manx.  The Manx cat is very strange one as it is the only cat born without a tail.

Its hind legs are longer than the front ones, giving it a hopping gait when running.  A Manx can run faster than most other kinds of cats.

The ancestors of the Manx can came from the Isle of Man, a British Island in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.  The first cats on the Isle of Man swam ashore from sinking Spanish ships some 400 years ago.

Many says that the story of how they got to be tailless.  One says that these cats loitered on the way into the Ark, and Noah slammed the door on their tails.  Another says that a Manx is the result of a rabbit mating with a cat.

The truth is most likely that this cat lost their tails as a result of a quirk of nature. – Dick Rogers