The przewalski’s, or Przhevalski’s horse, is the last remaining species of true wild horses living today.  (The so-called “wild” American mustang is descended from domestic horses that later escaped, so it is not a true wild horse).

Przewalski’s Horse

A Przewalski’s horse can be easily identified by its stocky body, short legs, rusty red coat and bushy mane that usually stands upright, instead of falling over the way manes do on domestic horses.

It has a dark “donkey” stripe along its back.

Today Przewalski’s horses survive only in small numbers in Central Asia and in some zoos.

This rare, pony-size horse is similar to horses that cavemen painted on the walls of their caves thousands of years ago.

They hunted the ancestors of this ancient horse just as they hunted mammoths, for food.

It was a long time before anyone thought of using horses for riding. – Dick Rogers