The amount of time that camels can go without water depends on several factors, such as the temperature and the food it eats.  The camel traveling across the hot desert can go a week or more without a drink.

The camel needs little drinking water because it conserves what water it gets by holding down perspiration and by drawing moisture from its own body tissue.  Camels are famous for their ability to go long periods without drinking water.


People once thought that the camel stored water in its hump.  The hump contains fat, not water.  A camel lives on this fat when food is scarce in the desert.

Though camels are supposed to be watered everywhere or tour days in the summer, they have been known to hold on much longer, but in cooler weather, it can go without water for several months.

The camel’s secret is that it conserves water, rather than stores it.  A camel needs little water because it gets moisture from its food.  In addition, a camel does not sweat much as other mammals.

When a camel does drink, it can gulp about 25 gallons (95 liters) of water.  Camel can endure without water because their bodies lose water very slowly.

In emergencies, it can take what water it needs directly from its own body tissues, losing as much as a quarter of its body weight.  By making the best of what water it gets, and by strong fat in its hump a camel can travel hundreds of miles across not dry desert with little food and water. – Dick Rogers