Farm Animal

A pig has no sweat glands in its skin.  In hot weather it likes to bask in its wallow to cool and soothe its skin.

We are all familiar with the old expression “as dirty as a pig.”

It is true that pigs like to wallow in the mud, but pigs don’t take mud baths simply because they like to be dirty.  A pig has now sweat glands in its skin.  This means that its body cannot be cooled by perspiration.  In hot weather, the pig wallows in the mud only to cool and soothe its skin.

Actually, the pig is not a dirty creature.  It will keep itself as clean as most other farm animals it allowed, but many pigs are forced to live in unsanitary conditions.

A pig is not particular about what it eats, and finds nourishment in many kinds of food.  In earlier days pigs were fed scraps and leftovers from the kitchen, which created fifth and offensive odors in the pig pen.

In modern, farming practices, pigs are not fed on garbage, but on carefully balanced diets.  They are kept in more sanitary surroundings as well. – Dick Rogers