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Why do we say that a cat has nine lives?

The expression that a cat has nine lives originated in ancient Egypt.  There, cats were worshiped as gods and often embalmed and richly buried when they died.  Because the major gods of Egypt formed a trinity, three was a sacred number.

Since the multiplication of three by three is nine, crediting the cat with nine lives was the highest honor the Egyptians could bestow on the animal.  Because the cat’s swiftness and agility help it to escape with its life from many situations, the saying that cats have nine lives has endured.–Dick Rogers

What is an ASP?


ASP is the name of a poisonous Egyptian cobra?

Asp is the name of a poisonous snake found in Egypt.  This small, greenish-brown snake, native to the Nile, belongs to the cobra family of snakes.  It is also known as the “Egyptian cobra.”

The asp is as poisonous and dangerous as the legendary Indian cobra.  Like its Indian cousin, the asp spreads its umbrella like hood when it is ready to strike, by pulling forward ribs at the side of the neck.  Like most poisonous snake, it uses its poison as a way of catching food.

Asps are generally peaceful and retreat from man whenever they can, but will bite, if molested.

The asp was sacred to the ancient Egyptians.  They figure of an asp appeared on the headdress of early Egyptian rulers as a symbol of their royalty, and was often carved on the portals of Egyptian temples.

According to tradition, Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, died from the bit of an asp.  – Dick Rogers