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Why do zebras have stripes?


The zebra’s famous stripes help it to hide from its enemies.  When you see a zebra in the zoo, its stripes make it stand out clearly.  But in its wild home on the African plains, the zebra is not so easily recognized.

When seen from a distance, the black or brown stripes on a whitish background form a camouflage pattern.

This pattern breaks up the outline of the zebra’s body into deceptive shapes that blend in with the scenery.

Since zebras normally live in the same grasslands as lions, their main enemy, this protection is very necessary for the zebra.–Dick Rogers

How does a silkworm make its silk?


The silkworm is really the caterpillar of the silk moth.  It spins a cocoon of silk just as other moth caterpillars do, but its silk is especially fine. The silkworm makes its silk by oozing a long thread of gluey liquid out of its mouth.

As soon as the liquid touches the air, it hardens into a silk thread.  Then the silkworm spins the silk thread around and around its body to form a cocoon.

 To get the silk, people give the cocoon a stream both to loosen the gum that holds the thread in place.  Then they can unwind the cocoon.  From the thread, fine silk cloth is woven.–Dick Rogers