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Why are some birds more brightly colored than others?

Colored Bird

Color makes some birds stand out and helps to hide other birds.

Though there are a great many things in nature that we can explain, we can only guess why some things are as they are.

One idea – and there are many exceptions – is that birds with brighter colors spend most of their time in place where their bright colors make them stand out, so they can easily be seen by other birds of their own kind.

Birds with duller colors live mostly on or near the ground.  Their dull-colored feathers match the grass and leaves of their surroundings and make them hard to see.  This protects them from enemies.

This may also be why nature gave the duller colors to most female birds.  Since she must sit on the nest to hatch the eggs, the mother bird must be better hidden.

A male bird may court his mate by singing and displaying his flashing colors, in order to persuade the quiet little female that he is the finest bird in the world.

During the nesting time, he perches on a limb some distance from the nest.  With his bright colors, he draws all the attention to himself, and away from the nest and young ones.  – Dick Rogers

Why do birds sing?

Singing Bird

Usually, the male bird sings to attract a mate and to warn other male birds away from its nesting territory.

People who know about birds tell us that birds sing as a way of communicating with other birds.

Birds do most of their singing during the mating and nesting season.  Male birds do almost all of the singing.

Usually, the mate bird sings to warn other male birds to say away from his nesting territory.  The same song may be used in courtship to attract the attention of the female bird.

Sometimes birds seem to sing just for the joy of making music.  Each kind of singing bird has its own song.

Thrushes and song sparrows are among the best singers, and many other birds also have beautiful songs.  Not all birds sing well.  Crows, loons, and blue jays, for examples, have unpleasant voices.

Birds often make sounds other than singing.  A mother hen chicks keep her chicks from scattering.  She gives another call that warns them of danger.  – Dick Rogers