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How does an elephant use its trunk?

Elephant Tusk

An elephant’s trunk is its nose, its hand and its hose.  The trunk is about six feet long.  And elephant is able to breathe and smell with its trunk, because the trunk has nostrils.  As a hand, an elephant’s trunk carries food to its mouth.

Sensitive “fingers” at the tip can pick up something as small as a peanut.  With its trunk, an elephant can pull down a tree, caress a mate, or swat a baby elephant’s behind.  An elephant drinks by sucking water into its trunk, then squirting the water into its mouth.  Sometimes it cools off by spraying water over its back.–Dick Rogers

What are a cow’s horns made of?

Cow’s Horn

A cow’s horns are made up mostly of special growth of touch skin material called “keratin.”  The nails on your fingers and toes are made of this materials.  So are the claws and hooves of animals.  The horns keep growing throughout the animal’s life.

Since cattle can use their horns as weapons, they are sometimes dehorned to make them safer for cattlemen to handle.  The cattle are also less likely to injure each other.  Some breeds do not grow horns.  Cattle born without horns, or whose horns are removed, and called “polled” cattle. – Dick Rogers