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How do starfish eat?


A starfish’s mouth, underneath its flat body, leads directly into a large, bag-like stomach. The starfish can push its stomach out through its mouth.  Starfish like to eat clams and oysters.  Encircling a clam with its powerful arms, the starfish attaches its sucker-like tube feet to the clam’s shell.

With ever-increasing force, it pulls the two halves of the shell apart.  Then, the starfish pushes out its stomach and digests the food.  When the starfish has completed its meal, it pulls back its stomach, and leaves only an empty clam shell behind.–Dick Rogers

Why have the eggs of birds so many colors?

Bird Eggs

The coloration of wild birds’ eggs is for protective purposes.  Eggs often blend in with the colors around the nest so any enemy cannot spot them easily.  Ground nesters, such as plovers and terns, nearly always lay spotted, dull-colored eggs.

These eggs are almost invisible against the ground on which they lie, while tree nesters often lay bluish or greenish eggs.  These are less visible in the uneven light in foliage.  Eggs laid in dark holes, such as those of the woodpecker, are pure white. Tucked out of sight, they have no need for camouflage. – Dick Rogers