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What Is A Coelacanth?



A coelacanth (pronounced SEE, luh kanth) is a large rare fish from deep in the oceans around Africa.

What makes the coelacanth so unusual is that it is perhaps the world’s most primitive bony fish. It was once thought to have been extinct. But in 1938, a living coelacanth was caught by a fisherman off the east coast of Africa.

Almost unchanged since its origin, this strange-looking fish was bright blue in color. It was five feet long and weighed 125 pounds. It had leglike fins, probably used for crawling about in the sea, and its head was covered with thick scales.

If the fisherman had found a living dinosaur, he would not have attracted more attention in the scientific world.

Scientists  knew the coelacanth only from fossils and had assumed that the prehistoric fish had died out 60-million years ago!

Since the discovery of a live coelacanth, several more of these “living fossils” have been found.Dick Rogers

Why did the dinosaurs disappear from the earth?

Probably no one will ever know for sure why dinosaurs disappeared.  But scientist thin that it was because the dinosaurs couldn’t change to fit themselves to a changing world.

Long ago, when the big dinosaurs roamed the vast swamps that covered much of the land, great changes slowly look place on earth.  Mountains began to appear and the great seaways drained from the continents.


The warm, swampy land grew dry and chilly.  And the water plants that they are disappeared.

As the plant-eating dinosaurs died out, the meat-eating dinosaurs that depended on them for food also began to disappear.

These changes took place over millions of years.

Everything we know about dinosaurs comes from fossils which are the petrified remains of the dinosaurs’ bones and teeth.

By studying these fossils, scientists can tell what the dinosaurs looked like when they lived on earth.  – Dick Rogers