The turtle doesn’t have a voice in the way we usually think of a voice.  but many turtles, such as the giant land turtle, can hiss, crunt and even roar loudly.

Turtles are animals that are easy to recognized by their shells.

If you own a pet turtle, you have probably noticed that the turtle never seems to “talk”.  You may wonder if it has a voice at all.


In the way we usually think of a voice, the answer is “no”, as far as most turtles are concerned.

Turtles seldom emit sounds, except during the nesting season.  Even then many can do little more that make a feeble piping sound or grunting to loud roaring, which can be heard for a quarter of a mile.

Some turtles hiss loudly when they are alarmed.

A few sea turtles can five a loud cry of anger or a “plea for mercy”  when captured by an enemy.

Most turtles apparently have good eyes sight and a good sense of smell and taste.  However, turtles do not hear well.  Some kinds may be deaf. – Dick Rogers