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How do oysters make pearls?


Most jewelry is made from precious stones, mined from the earth.  But pearls are formed inside the shells of creatures known as pearl oysters.  Pearls are made of the same mother-of-pearl materials that lines the inside of the oyster’s shell.

They are formed when a grain of sand or other foreign object gets inside the oyster’s shell and irritates the oyster’s tender body.  To stop the irritation, the oyster coats the invader with layer after layer of mother-of-pearl.  After several years, a smooth, satiny ball has formed around the grain of sand, forming a lustrous pearl. – Dick Rogers

What are mollusks?


If you have ever collected shells at the seashore, probably most of the shells you found were once the homes of living animal called mollusks.

The most familiar mollusks are probably clams, oysters, octopuses, squids, snails and slugs.

Most mollusks are related, or alike, in certain ways.  Mollusks are soft-bodied animals without bones.

Most kinds of mollusks, including clams and oysters, have hard shells that protect their soft bodies.

Other kinds, such as cuttlefish and squids, have no shells that show.  A special shell grows inside their bodies.

Octopuses and some slugs have no shell at all.

Mollusks live in most parts of the world.  Some, such as snails and slugs, live on land.  Others are found in rivers, lakes and ponds.  But the greatest number of mollusks are ocean dwellers.

Mollusks furnish us with food.  Their shells are made into many products, including buttons and jewelry.  – Dick Rogers