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What is a sloth?


A sloth is a curious, slow-moving animal that lives in the wet forests of South America.

The sloth has a small, roundish head and long, shaggy fur.  It spends most of its life hanging upside down, holding on to the branches of tree with its hooklike claws.

It does everything upside down.  As it hangs suspended from a limb, the sloth eats nearby leaves and buds.  It even sleep upside down.

Tiny green plants called algae often grow in the sloth’s long hair, making it hard to see in the trees.

The sloth is famous for the slowness with which it moves—its highest “speed” is only several feet per minute along a branch.

This slow-motion animal almost never comes down from its tree home,.  It can only creep along the ground with difficulty.

People sometimes use the word “slothful” describe a lazy person.  It is not hard to see why. – Dick Rogers


Why do woodpeckers peck on wood?


When a woodpecker pecks, it may be searching insects for food that are living in the back of the tree, it may be digging out a nest, or it may be drumming out a “song” to its mate.

Most kinds of woodpeckers are our good friends.  They eat insects that harm trees.

Using its strong, sharp bill, the woodpecker digs out insects that are living in the cracks in the bark of trees.

In the springtime a woodpecker calls to its mat by drumming out a tattoo on a dry limb or the roof of a house with its strong bill.

Woodpeckers make holes in the trunks of trees for their nests.  They leave chips of wood on the bottom to cushion the white eggs.

The California woodpecker stores acorns in holes that it drills.  The woodpecker is not storing the acorns to eat.  A small worm has bored into each acorn.  Later, the woodpecker will return to feast on the fattened worms.

Only a few woodpeckers sometimes harm trees.

The unwelcomed ones are the sapsuckers.  As their name indicates, the drill rows of holes in the bark of trees and drink the sap as it drips from the holes. – Dick Rogers