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Why do we say the stork brings new babies?

The familiar legend that the stork brings new babies arises from the fact that the stork takes loving care of its own young.

When a new baby is born, people sometimes like to say they have had “a visit from the stork.”

The familiar legend that the stork brings new babies from heaven arises from the fact that storks are devoted parents.  They take loving care of their own young.

The only member of the stork family living in North America is the wood ibis, or wood stork, that lives in marshes along the southern coasts of the United States.


White storks live throughout Europe and Africa.  They are large, white birds with long, red legs and long necks.  They have no voice except for an occasional hiss.

They “speak” to one another by noisily rattling their long, red bills.

These are the storks that like to build large twig nests of chimneys and rooftops.

Many Dutch and German families build stork nests on rooftops and chimneys to attract storks.

A house that storks nest on is considered a lucky house.  Each spring, the birds often return to the same nests to raise their young. – Dick Rogers


Does the giraffe have a voice?

The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world and often reaches a height of 17 feet or more.

But there is another remarkable thing about this unusual animal—it has practically no voice.  The giraffe has a poorly developed voice box which it seldom uses.


Giraffe in zoos have been heard to utter a soft “moo,” and they can grunt or whimper and make whistlelike sounds.

A baby giraffe may bleat like a lamb when hungry.

The giraffe’s great height comes mostly from its long legs and neck, for its body is no larger than that of a horse.

Although  its neck is very long, the giraffe has the same number of neck bones that yu have in your own neck, but the giraffe’s neck bones are very long.

Because of its height, the giraffe can browse on twigs and leaves on the upper branches of tall trees, far out of reach of other animals.

While the giraffe is gentle, it can put up a good fight when attacked.

It uses its head like a sledgehammer to strike heavy blows and kicks out with its powerful hind legs. – Dick Rogers

What is an egret?


Egret (pronounced EE gret) is the name used for several white herons, which include the snowy and cattle egret and the reddish egret.

The tall, handsome egret known as the common egret looks like a crane and has a long, slender neck and black, stork like legs.

It’s long, sharply pointed bill seems to extend right from its eyes.

Egrets are found in the warmer parts of the world, and are often seen stalking the shallows or marshes in search of their prey—frogs, fishes, and insects.

During the nesting season the egret wears a showy train of lacy, snow-white feathers.

But its beautiful feather proved a curse, for they were once used to decorate ladies hats.

So many egrets were killed for their feathers that there was danger none would be left.

Today there are laws that protect them and their number, happily, is increasing. – Dick Rogers