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What are tails for?

Animal’s Tail

The tails of animals are good for many things.  Jumping animals, such as cats and kangaroos, use their tails for balance.

Many monkeys use their long tails to help them climb trees.  Horses and cows swish away pesky insects with their tails.

A fish swims with its tail, of course, and so do many other water creatures.

A bird without a tail would have a hard time taking of and landing. Dogs give special messages to other dogs by wagging their tails.  One kind of wag means, “I’m happy to see you.”  Another means, “I’m the boss around here.”–Dick Rogers

What are apes?

The monkeys and apes are perhaps the most popular animals in the zoo.

Apes do not have tails.  In this way they are different from monkeys.  The ape family includes the huge gorilla and the big chimpanzee, the haggy red orangutan, and the long-armed gibbon.


The gorilla, biggest and most powerful of the apes, may weigh over 400 pounds.  Unlike the other apes that spend much of their time in trees gorillas are so heavy  they stay on the ground most of the time.

Next in size are the big orangutans.  In their homeland, their name means “the man of the woods.”  The male orangutan has white whiskers much like the beard of a man.

The chimpanzees are the showmen of the ape family.  They are easily taught and quickly learn to imitate man.  Some “chimps” have learned to skate, eat with a fork and spoon, and even paint pictures.

The smallest apes are the gibbons, the acrobats of the ape world.  They swing from branch to branch faster than a man can run.  Their arms are so long that they often touch the ground when they walk upright. – Dick Rogers