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Does an ostrich hide its head when it is frightened?


No, an ostrich does not hide its head when it is frightened.  According to this old belief, the ostrich hides its head in the sand to escape danger, because it feels it is safely hidden.

What this tall bird actually does when it sights possible danger is lie flat on the ground with its long neck stretched out, thus producing a low profile.  And enemy may not be able to see the ostrich when it is in this position.

If danger comes too near, the ostrich runs off at top speed.  Although an ostrich cannot fly, it can run as fast as 40 miles an hour, and can easily outrun most of its enemies.–Dick Rogers

What is the largest bird in the world?


The ostrich is the largest of all birds today.  It may be 8 feet tall and weigh more than 300 pounds.

The ostrich is the largest of all the birds today.  A full-grown male ostrich may be 8 feet tall and weigh more than 300 pounds.  Ostriches live on the plains and desets of Africa.

Like all birds, ostriches have feathers and wings.  But their great size and small wings make it impossible for them to fly.

They are fast runners, and can easily outrun most enemies, which are mainly lions.  Ostriches can also protect themselves by kicking with their powerful legs.

This big bird lays the largest egg of any living bird.  An ostrich egg can measure seven inches long and weigh 3 pounds – as a two-dozen chicken eggs.

Newborn chicks are about a foot tall.  When a young ostrich is a month old, it can run as fast as an adult.  Ostriches usually eat plants. But they will also gulp down lizards and insects when they fin d them.

They swallow sand and pebbles to aid in digestion.  Ostriches make loud hissing sounds. – Dick Rogers

What is an elephant bird?

Elephant Bird

Imagine, if you can, a gigantic, ostrichlike bird that stood nearly 10 feet high, weighed 1,000 pounds and laid eggs more than a foot long, each of which held two gallons!  Such a giant bird lived until about two centuries ago on the island of Madagascar, near the eastern coast of Africa.

Today, these big, flightless birds are known only from their eggs and bony remains, which dwarf the bones of all living birds.  (A big ostrich, the largest bird now alive, stands about 8 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds.)

Elephant birds’ eggs are still occasionally washed out of the soil where they were laid long ago.

To wondering natives looking at the largest eggs ever laid, the elephant bird must have truly been a monster of heroic proportions.

It was doubtless these birds that gave rise to legends about the roc, a mythical bird of enormous size,  known from the stories in the “Arabian Nights.”  – Dick Rogers

What Is a cassowary?


The cassowary is a large, odd-looking bird that lives in the thick forest of Australia and New Guinea.  A fully grown cassowary may be five feet tall and weigh two pounds or more.

Like the African relative the ostrich, the cassowary cannot fly.  All that remains of its flight feathers are a few spiny quilts, but it can sprint at speeds of at nearly 40 miles per hour for its long powerful legs, when it danger.

A bony helmet on its featherless head  helps it butt through the heavy underbrush.  Tough bristle like feathers that cover it body serve as a form of armor as it crashes headlong the forest.

A threatened cassowary can be a dangerous foe.  All three of the toes on each foot are armed with knife-sharp claws which can be a deadly weapon in a flight.  Usually, these shy birds are  heard more often than soon in their dense forest home.  They call by snorting and bellowing. – Dick Rogers