Sea lions are really a kind of eared seal.  They are the trained seals we see in many circus acts.  Sea lions are really a king of seal.  In fact, the familiar “trained seals” we seen in circus sets are actually sea lions.

In the United States, sea lions live along the Pacific coast.  They are powerful swimmers and divers, and spend much time in the water.

A thick layer of fat, called blubber, helps keep them warm, while the lungs hold enough air to permit staying under water several minutes.

They are aided in swimming by paddle-like limbs called flippers.  True sea lions have longer flippers than most seals.

Sea Lion

Unlike the other seals, who must wriggle on their bellies on land, sea lions can use all four limbs for walking.  Young sea lions are born on land and must learn to swim.

Naturally playful, these intelligent and active animals learn easily and can be trained to do such tricks as juggling balls on the end of their noses and blowing horns.  – Dick Rogers