Lion – King of Beast

The lion strength, courage and kingly appearance have helped earn it the nickname “King of Beasts.”

The lion is often called the “king of beasts.”  Probably this is not because the lion could defeat all other animals in combat, and it is not by any means the biggest animal.

But the lion ranks among the fiercest and strongest of the entire wild creature.

Its powerful body and the long mane around the head and neck of the male give the lion a proud and kingly look.  The loud roar of its voice strikes terror in the many different animals it preys on.

The lion was long been used as a symbol of strength and courage.  We say “strong as a lion and “lion-hearted,” and images of lions were often used on the crest of kings to indicate power.

Today, lions live on the open, grassy plains of Africa.

Except for the tiger, the lion is the largest member of the cat family.  A large male can measure more than nine feet long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tufted tail, and weight more than 400 pounds. –Dick Rogers