The custom of mounting a horse from the left probably started when men more long swords that hung doesn’t  the left leg.  Mounting from the left kept the sword from getting in the way as the rider mounted.


Many people enjoy riding horseback for fun and sport.  One of the first things a rider learns is to mount (get on) a horse from the horse’s left side.

The custom of mounting from the left probably started long ago when men wore long swords that hung down the left leg.  It was easier to throw the right leg across the horse’s back, since the long word wouldn’t become entangled with the rider‘s legs as he mounted.

Most horses become used to being mounted from the left side during training.  Mounting from the right side might confuse or startle it.  Dismounting is also done from the left side.

Riding horses is lots of fun.  Often a rider complains that the horses he rides are stubborn or mean.

He doesn’t realize that most of the difficulty he has with horses comes because he has not learned how to control them properly or because he is making them uncomfortable with his poor riding habits.  – Dick Rogers