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Are buffalo and a bison the same?

American Bison

No.  the true buffalo belongs to Africa and Asia.  It has neither the bison’s hump over its shoulders nor the bison’s long hair.

People often call the American bison “buffaloes,” but bison are not true buffaloes.  American bison are more closely related to the wisent or European bison.

True buffaloes are animals such as the water buffalo, common to Asia as a valuable work animal or the fieres African cape buffalo, seldom if ever tamed.  They do not have the big humped shoulders and shaggy hair of the bison.

Bisons are large, ox-like animals.  A big male bison may be six-feet tall at the shoulder and weight more than a ton, Long, coarse hair covers the bison’s head and shoulders.

At one time, enormous herd of bison roamed the western prairies of North America.  The Indians of the plains depended upon them for food and clothing.  But as the West was settled, nearly all the bison were killed.

Today, only a few thousands bison remain, mostly in protected places where they can live in safety. – Dick Rogers


What is a wolverine?

The wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family, weighing up to thirty pounds.  With its dark, shaggy hair and short bushy tail, the wolverine looks something like a small bear.  It lives in northern forests.

It has a skunk-like scent for defense and is sometimes called a “skunk bear.”


For its size, the wolverine is unequaled in appetite and craftiness, and is the trapper’s worst enemy.

During the winter, the wolverine follows the trapper’s footsteps and skillfully steals the bait from the traps set for more valuable animals, or eats the animals caught in the trap.

The wolverine not only robs the trapper of his bait and catch, but may even sneak into the trapper’s cabin, eat his food and steal anything in sight, including rifles, axes, dishes, even blankets, all of which it carries away and buries.

It repays his “host” by leaving the cabin uninhabitable by its foul smell.

Because they have been hunted ruthlessly, wolverines have become rare in North America and are seldom seen enough of Canada today. – Dick Rogers


What was the woolly mammoth?

The woolly mammoth was a kind of hairy elephant that lived long, long ago.

This huge, lumbering beast stood about 10 feet tall and had long, spiral tusks that often grew to be 13 feet long.

Woolly Mammoth

The woolly mammoth was covered with long, shaggy hair that almost reached the ground.  Its coat kept it warm in the cold climate where it lived.

There are none of these great east living today.  They died out many thousands of years ago.  Yet we know a good deal about them, since their bones have been found.

In places like Siberia, the whole bodies of mammoths have been found perfectly preserved in ice.

Another kind of old-fashioned elephant was the mastodon.  Mastodon were about the same size as the woolly mammoth but had straight tusks and less hair.  All mastodons have died out, too.

Today, you can see skeletons of woolly mammoths and mastodons in many museum. –  Dick Rogers